Turning to Greece for Luxury


The Greek Real Estate market never fails to satisfy property buyers’ desires, exceeding every expectation.  Being a leading choice among visitors and investors for real estate, Greece has enchanted thousands of property buyers to take advantage of its rare combination of landscapes, history, beaches, culture, and fine weather.  Making the smart decision of purchasing a property in Greece, has proven to only yield more and more benefits.

The unique opportunity offered by the Greek Golden Visa program has made it possible for property buyers to taste and see Greece’s wonders. The program grants five-year residency rights to third country nationals who purchase a property for 250,000 euros, being the minimum value for a property purchased, has investors’ demand levels skyrocketed causing analysts to conclude that applications for investor visas in Greece will double in the coming period. It is essential to note, for potential property owners, that demand for luxury villa rentals in Greece is on the rise all year round and mainly for the summer season, with many considering Greece as their second home.

Foreign capital flow focuses on various types of assets, for example: large plots of land ready to embody property buyers’ dream project, urban residencies of significant architectural value, urban residential buildings, and tourist buildings. Interestingly so, Investment Migration Expert, CEO and Managing Partner at Velment, Yiannos Trisokkas makes the following statement: ‘’ The growing demand for Luxury Villa Rentals in Greece does not surprise me at all. People never fail to appreciate and demand to enjoy the astonishing beauty and grace Greece whole-heartedly offers to its visitors. We make sure that our clients get to be one of the lucky ones that is able to relish and gain from the benefits of the Greek Golden Visa program that is uniquely designed to add and to maximise the wealth of the applicants; we would want nothing less for our clientele.’’