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We assist High Net Worth Individuals from all corners of the world who appreciate the multi-faceted value of real estate. Velment can accommodate the most discerning clients, no matter if they are interested in permanent homes, lifestyle properties, an asset for diversifying their portfolio, an investment that can generate rental income, or a property that can lead to alternative residency or citizenship.

What truly makes Velment unique is that we are the only company that offers a global full-service real estate enterprise with a clientele of High-Net-Worth Individuals who seek real estate advise connected to citizenship or residency benefits.

If you are interested in premium properties located in key investment destinations that could open the path to international immigration programmes, Velment is the right choice for you. You can trust us to act in your best interest from the moment your property search begins until the day you put it back on the market. Velment clients are clients for life.

Built on Trust & Support

The Velment team values our clientele, which is why we provide clients with a selection of properties and investment opportunities best suited to their individual needs. Our team is always readily available to assist whenever needed.


Worldwide Reach

With a global network of associates and expanding offices, we are well-positioned to guide our international clientele in their search for investment properties overseas.


The Velment Proposition

Our property portfolio features high-spec properties that satisfy our discerning clients’ standards.

Our team of property experts is heavily involved and is at the client’s behest throughout the duration of the transaction procedure. Their services include offering assistance with relocating your family, setting up overseas business and managing your property in your absence.

Comprehensive Service

Our three-pronged global enterprise provides property acquisition, rental and management services, all under one roof.

Experience & Expertise

Velment is well connected to specialized associates in key destinations, all with decades of experience in the field of property.

A Genuine Partner

At Velment, we connect our clients to property specialists and investment experts, helping you make the right decisions at the right time.


Join the Team

As a global enterprise with an international network of associates, we always welcome new partners who share the Velment philosophy of personalized client service.


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