Greece: Surrender to the lifestyle of your dreams


Embodying each and every individual’s dream lifestyle, Greece specializes in arranging a suitable life for many individuals and families. Nothing compares with the range of beautiful landscapes to explore and the annual sunshine levels, with 2,773 annual hours of sunshine that have proven to positively contribute to an individual’s mental and physical health.

Golden Visa applicants carefully examine the fundamental benefits of living in Greece that include a low crime rate and the fact that Greece is considered to be the most affordable country for many expats. This increases a property buyer’s trust and confidence in their investment. In addition to this, the relaxed pace of life allows for individuals to work in a healthy environment but also, this is what makes Greece an excellent retirement destination for many retirees. Recent research conducted by the insurance company Reassured, has supported that the UK retirees find Greece as the most affordable country to live in, taking into account the cost of living index, average accommodation cost and average transport cost. Many migration experts have taken note of such phenomenon, including Yiannos Trisokkas that has commented the following: ‘’ Greece emerged as the top choice for those looking for their ideal home. Thus, it comes to no surprise that even retirees choose to thrive in Greece’s tranquillity. Greece truly gives individuals the unique opportunity of an affordable and relaxed lifestyle.’’

The endless list of benefits for Golden Visa applicants also undoubtably includes the friendly attitude of the locals, the exceptionally good cuisine together with a high standard health care with well-trained doctors and nurses. Having extensive experience and knowledge in the Greek market, Managing Partner and CEO at Velment, Yiannos Trisokkas is dedicated in supporting each client in making a wise choice in purchasing property, quoting: ‘’ What Greece offers to those who choose to make it their home cannot be condensed in a few sentences. From the country’s snow-capped mountains to it’s paradisiac beaches, from it’s rich culture and history to its modern healthcare and services. Why I’m confident that potential property buyers should make tactful decision of purchasing property in Greece and applying for the Golder Visa program is self-explanatory. Potential property buyers deserve nothing less than Greece is fully equipped to provide them with.’’