Greece: Traditional source of pleasure


What makes the Golden Visa scheme so unique? Easy, It’s the golden ticket that gives property buyers the privilege of luxuriating in the most stunning areas of Greece. People from all over the world make a worthwhile trip to Greece traveling from both EU and non-EU countries just to get a taste of what life in Greece is like.

Greece has secured efforts that have developed the tourism industry, assisting the tourism sector in reaching its highest level, while also stimulating its competitiveness and quality of tourism. Upon completion of such efforts, Greece has become exceptional, being considered as Europe’s Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination, winning multiple awards during the 29th edition of the World Travel Awards for the year 2022 (The Hellenic Republic won a total of 17 awards).

All the reasons that prompted Greece to winning such awards, are once that property buyers can take full advantages of. This includes Greece’s captivating beaches, it’s elegant hotels and lavish conference resorts. To name a few honors received by Greece at the World Travel Awards European Gala Ceremony 2022: Europe’s Leading Beach Resort category, Europe’s Leading Boutique Hotel and Europe’s Leading Conference Resort.

Expectedly so, nearly 30 million people chose Greece for their holydays in 2022. According to data released by the Bank of Greece revealed that the balance of travel services in October 2022 showed a surplus of €1,308.2 million, up from a surplus of €1,132.8 million in October 2021. Both EU and non-EU travellers continue to be lured by Greece’s unfailing source of pleasure and irreplaceable beauty. In proof of that, travel receipts from Germany were up by 40.6% compared to 2021(45% increase in arrivals) and tourism-related revenues generated by the French increased by 27.9 % to 1.26 billion euros (49.6 % increase in arrivals). UK receipts were up by 113.1% to 3.12 billion euros and spending by travellers from the US increased by 100.6% to 1.19 billion euros (174.9% increase in arrivals).

Yiannos Trisokkas, Founder, CEO and Partner at Velment, being an investment migration industry expert has stated the following: ‘’ Greece will never disappoint property buyers that aim to maximise their benefits. It’s immense recognition in the the World Travel Awards European Gala Ceremony 2022, has just proven some of the reasons why we strongly encourage our international clientele in acquiring property in Greece through the Golden Visa scheme. Such a resourceful move will only guarantee incredible value to any professionally chosen property by our clients, yielding ever ending benefits.’’