Greece: A Traditional Source of Pleasure and Sustainable Tourism


Greece’s charm as a traditional source of pleasure is unmatched, and its Golden Visa scheme serves as a golden ticket for property buyers dreaming of indulging in the country’s most beautiful locales. This allure is not just a testament to its natural beauty but also to its strategic efforts in bolstering the tourism sector, leading to remarkable competitiveness and quality in tourism services.

Greece’s Golden Visa: A Unique Gateway to Paradise

The Golden Visa scheme stands out for offering property buyers an exclusive opportunity to enjoy life in Greece’s stunning regions. This program attracts individuals globally, allowing them to experience the rich Greek lifestyle firsthand, amidst the backdrop of captivating beaches and luxurious accommodations.

Championing Sustainable Tourism

Greece’s commitment to sustainable tourism development has been widely recognized, earning it the title of Europe’s Leading Sustainable Tourism Destination at the 29th edition of the World Travel Awards 2022. This achievement reflects the nation’s efforts in enhancing its tourism industry, securing a competitive edge that benefits not just travelers but also property investors.

Award-Winning Destinations and Resorts

The World Travel Awards European Gala Ceremony 2022 honored Greece with multiple accolades, including Europe’s Leading Beach Resort, Boutique Hotel, and Conference Resort. These honors underscore the country’s appeal as a premier holiday destination, offering exceptional experiences that property buyers can leverage.

Tourism Trends and Economic Impact

In 2022, nearly 30 million people chose Greece for their holidays, underscoring its popularity among both EU and non-EU travelers. The significant increase in travel receipts and tourist arrivals from key markets such as Germany, France, the UK, and the US highlights Greece’s unwavering allure and its role as a significant player in the global tourism industry.

Investment Insights from an Industry Expert

Yiannos Trisokkas, a seasoned investment migration expert, emphasizes Greece’s enduring appeal to property buyers. The country’s recent accolades at the World Travel Awards serve as further proof of its value as an investment destination. Through the Golden Visa scheme, investors are assured of not just a piece of property but a stake in a location celebrated for its beauty and sustainability.

Embracing the Greek Lifestyle through Property Investment

Investing in Greek real estate through the Golden Visa scheme offers more than just residency; it offers a lifestyle coveted by many around the world. With Greece’s tourism sector reaching new heights and the country’s commitment to sustainability, property buyers are guaranteed a valuable investment that promises endless benefits.

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