We Offer Comprehensive Real Estate Advisory Services


Guidance in Land Purchase

Interested in purchasing land? We can help you navigate potential pitfalls, avoid troublesome scenarios and determine if the property is right for you by investigating:

  • Any potential pre-existing mortgage, contract, writ of sale, or law that makes the land’s purchase difficult.
  • The property’s accessibility by road. It is absolutely vital that the land be reached by road.
  • The land’s exact boundaries. We can determine this through the acquisition of an independent valuation report on your behalf.
  • Utility availability. If no utility connection to the land exists, we can liaise with the relevant authorities on your behalf.
  • The land’s Building Factor. This determines the maximum building area you are permitted.
  • The property’s market value. We can determine this through our acquisition of an independent valuation report on your behalf.
  • Government plans to build state infrastructure in the land. If this is the case, the state can acquire the land without your permission for compensation.

Guidance in Off-Plan Property Purchase

Many are wary of purchasing an off-plan property. However, through some carefully conducted research before purchase,  an off-plan property can be an extremely profitable investment. Our team can research various factors pertaining to the property, including:

  • The vendor’s credibility. We determine this through thorough due diligence checks of the developer’s portfolio and track record, as well as viewings of already completed properties.
  • The property’s ownership. If the property is jointly owned by several different owners, we carefully consider the case specifics and advise you accordingly.
  • The property’s Building Permit.
  • Possible encumbrances.
  • A thorough review of a stage payment agreement.

Guidance in Resale Property Purchase

Resale properties are not as simple a purchase to make as any other second-hand sale. If you are considering the purchase of resale property, we can assist in determining:

  • If the current owner is recorded as the registered owner in the property’s Title Deed. If not, an Assignment Agreement will be needed.
  • Whether the seller holds a Final Approval Certificate. This proves the property was built legally.
  • If all taxes have been paid.
  • If any limitations exist.
  • The property’s market value.

Guidance in Property Management

It takes a carefully trained team to manage an overseas property. Our team of real estate veterans can help you maintain your property through the following services:

  • Tenant Selection & Screening. Our Property Management Team will thoroughly evaluate prospective tenants and select suitable and responsible individuals.
  • Agreement Drafting. We can draft rental contracts and agreements on your behalf.
  • Authority Communication. Our team will liaise with the relevant local authorities in your absence if required.
  • Property Insurance Handling & Check-up. Should an unexpected disaster occur,  you can always expect our team to take care of it.
  • Garden & Swimming Pool Maintenance. Our staff can carefully landscape your property’s garden.
  • Rent Collection. Our team will ensure that you consistently receive your rent in a timely manner.

Land Development Services for Aspiring Property Developers

1. Assistance in Land Selection

  • We assist aspiring landowners who do not currently own land and are uncertain on how to proceed.
  • We liaise with developers and hold consultation sessions throughout the acquisition process.
  • If you are interested in acquiring a repossessed asset, we can assist you in selecting the land that best suits you.
  • Our specialised Velment legal team and trusted associates will thoroughly review any agreements to ensure they are in your best interest.

2. Planning Phase

  • We identify and source a specialised architect that is experienced in designing developments like yours.
  • We liaise with the architect on your behalf and ensure your vision is realised.
  • We consult with experienced 3D designers for the creation of renders.
  • We assist with planning and building permit applications.

3. Construction Phase

  • We identify and source a project manager, construction company, and quantity surveyor.
  • We carry out quality checks on your behalf.
  • We support and coordinate all relevant matters related to the project’s
    development by liaising with competent authorities regarding electricity, water board, sewage, land registry, etc.
  • We provide support on separate title deed issuance.

4. Marketing Services

  • We can develop your website and an appropriate and effective digital marketing strategy for you.
  • We develop and execute your marketing campaign.
  • We create teasers, presentations and various promotional materials for your development.

5. Assistance for Landlords

  • If you wish to maintain ownership of your developed land and receive a consistent return on your investment by renting your development, we can assist through our Property Management Services subdivision.
  • Our team can thoroughly screen and evaluate potential tenants for you.
  • We carry out all necessary property maintenance checks, including garden and pool maintenance, and property checkup.

Velment Is Uniquely Qualified to Assist You

Buyer Assistance Services

Our Velment team of carefully selected professionals possesses the necessary know-how required to assist you in your property development ambitions, every step of the way.

Potential Buyers

  • Communication & Sales
  • Property Viewing
  • Travel Itinerary Preparation
  • Transport Arrangements
  • Accommodation Arrangements


  • Legal Support
  • Real Estate Acquisition
  • Liaising with Tax Advisors
  • Document Collection
  • Monitoring of Application Submission


  • Property Insurance
  • Quality Assessment
  • Property & Garden Maintenance
  • Tenant Selection & Screening
  • Rent Collection

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