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We provide our clients with premium properties – and a wealth of opportunities. Purchasing any of our luxury real estate makes you eligible for permanent residency or citizenship in the world’s most desirable countries. Enjoy the privileges experienced by a select few, reach your full potential and unlock a sea of opportunities for you and your loved ones by acquiring a Velment property.

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Our clients have always been our primary focus. We remain by your side every step of the way, ensuring an exceptional selection of properties for you to choose from and assisting you with any real estate queries you may have.

“The true value of a sound investment is immeasurable.”

– Velment Team

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  • Our Clients Are Our Priority

    We consider client satisfaction to be of the utmost importance, a policy that is reflected in our dedicated staff’s extraordinary service.

  • An Experienced Team of Agents

    We thoroughly vet our team of agents and select experienced professionals to ensure that you are offered the best assistance possible.

  • An Expansive Property Portfolio

     From cosmopolitan global cities to Mediterranean utopias, our property catalogue is one of the most expansive.

  • Secure & Discreet Transactions

    Our secure and discreet transaction methods guarantee that your privacy will not be compromised.

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