Tenant Selection & Screening

Through a rigorous tenant selection and screening process, you can rest assured that our Property Management Team will thoroughly evaluate prospective tenants and select suitable and responsible individuals.


The Velment team believes in keeping an open line of communication with our clients and maintaining a transparent relationship.

Agreement Drafting

No need to worry about anything: we draft rental contracts and agreements for you – so you don’t have to.

Property Checkup

A lot can happen to a property in the short span of a few days. Our Velment team realises the importance of regularly checking up on the property

Authority Communication

If need be, our team will liaise with the relevant local authorities in your absence.

Rent Collection

Collecting rent is a repetitive process that many landlords find challenging due to time restraints or geographical factors. Our team will ensure that you consistently receive your rent in a timely manner.

Property Insurance Handling

Sometimes, no amount of preparation can help you predict the unpredictable. Should an unexpected disaster occur, you can always expect our team to take care of it.

Property Maintenance

A lot can happen to a property within a span of a few short days, especially when the owner is not inhabiting it.

Garden Maintenance

First appearances matter, especially when it comes to property. Overgrown flora is not only unsightly, but it can also damage property. Our staff can carefully landscape your property’s garden to tidy it up.

Pool Maintenance

The most dreaded aspect of maintenance for any property owner. Avoid having to deal with this burden by allowing us
to deal with it.

Experience the Benefits of Our Property Management Services

Take Comfort in our

Rest assured that your property is professionally managed by knowledgeable experts.

Receive Your Return on Investment

Reap the countless financial benefits of property ownership without lifting a finger!

Enjoy Your Free

Enjoy the luxury of a more flexible schedule all the while knowing your property is well taken care of.

Here for you 365 days a year

Should an emergency arise afterhours, our dedicated staff will take care of it in an efficient and timely manner.

By opting for our Property Management Services, you can rest assured that your property will be in highly experienced hands.

Avoid excess stress and further increase your property’s value by acting in your property’s best interest – by allowing us to manage your property in your absence.

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How Our Property Management Services Can Benefit You

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