Greece Initiates Educational Revolution with New Legislation


Greece is taking bold steps to extend its charm beyond its famous coastlines and historic ruins by becoming a hub for global education. Spearheaded by Education Minister Kyriakos Pierrakakis, the country is introducing legislation that opens doors for foreign universities to set up local campuses. This initiative aims to blend the appealing Greek lifestyle with quality English-language education.

Key Points of the Legislation

The proposed law outlines specific criteria for foreign universities looking to expand into Greece:

  • University branches must be officially linked to their international parent universities.
  • The curriculum and educational quality are managed by the parent university.
  • Faculty from these branches are not allowed to teach at Greek state universities simultaneously.
  • Each branch is required to have at least three departments, showing a commitment to a wide range of educational offerings.
  • A significant investment, with €500,000 dedicated to each department plus infrastructure costs, is needed, totalling a starting expense of €2 million.

Golden Visa Program Gains New Appeal

This move greatly enhances the Golden Visa program, which provides residency to non-EU investors, by adding access to high-quality education. It’s expected to attract more families seeking both a beautiful place to live and excellent educational opportunities, making Greece a more attractive choice for settling down.

Enrollment Details for New Branches

For students looking to join these new institutions:

  • Greek students must pass the usual university entrance exams and meet any additional university-specific requirements.
  • International students need to present an equivalent to the Greek high school diploma or an International Baccalaureate, without the need for additional exams.

Looking Ahead

This initiative represents a shift towards a more diverse and enriched educational landscape in Greece, traditionally known for its state-run universities. By welcoming top international universities to open branches, Greece is positioning itself as a premier destination for education. This development not only enriches Greece’s educational offerings but also strengthens the Golden Visa program’s attractiveness to a global audience.

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