What Is Citizenship-by-Investment?

Citizenship-by-Investment programmes (CBIs) are government schemes based on a clearly defined legal framework, wherein foreign nationals and their families can apply for alternative citizenship by investing a minimum amount in a specified government-approved project, fund, or sector of the economy.

Citizenship-by-Investment programmes are at the core of the migration industry, with 30 countries currently offering Citizenship-by-Investment or Residence-by-Investment programmes (RBIs) in hopes of appealing to High-Net-Worth Individuals and investors. In addition to financial criteria – which define the necessary investment’s nature and amount – various other personal criteria must be met, including strong personal or professional connections to the country or valuable expertise in a particular field.

Citizenship-by-Investment programmes are governed by ‘Citizenship by Naturalization’ legislation, which ultimately grants the successful applicants full citizenship rights and obligations. Benefits include greater freedom of movement and a right to work and study in the country they have invested in or even the wider region.

How Can You Benefit From a Citizenship Programme?

Citizenship-by-Investment programmes vary significantly, especially in the value of the required investment. A Citizenship-by-Investment programme’s details may occasionally be amended – it is, therefore, imperative you stay up to date with any developments. A simple change to the programme may mean that it no longer serves your interests.

A Citizenship-by-Investment programme’s investment threshold, application duration and cost, and your chosen country’s culture, permitted lifestyles and cost of living must also be carefully considered even if one is considering a temporary relocation.

The past year has also brought another important factor to the attention of those mulling a relocation – a nation’s response to a global health crisis. Additional compelling reasons for seeking alternative citizenship include:




A Peaceful Political Climate

Political unrest is one of the greatest drivers of the migration industry. Those who hold multiple citizenships can ensure that their family can permanently relocate or temporarily evade political instability in their initial country of residence with ease.


Favourable Tax Regimes

Countries that offer Citizenship by Investment almost always offer irresistibly low corporate tax rates, business incentives and personal tax exemptions, allowing one to considerably build upon their wealth.


A Greater Freedom of Movement

A country’s passport strength is determined by the number of countries a citizen can travel to without a visa or with a visa on arrival. Strong passports allow for global mobility, a tremendous advantage for businesspersons.


A Brighter Future

Holding a country’s citizenship automatically entitles an individual and their family to the country’s health care, education, personal freedoms and professional advancement opportunities, all resulting in a brighter future for the entirety of the family.


Business Growth

Although the global marketplace is by definition accessible internationally, the location in which you establish, manage or operate your business is integral to its success. A country’s business environment, workforce, professional support service, infrastructure and stability are all tools at your disposal. Choose the country you build your business in wisely.



A major principle of citizenship is jus sanguinis, the law of blood, which clearly states that citizenship is passed down to a holder’s child. Acquiring highly desirable citizenship is the safest investment you can make, not only for yourself but for your family as well. Financial fortunes can change; once acquired, citizenships are eternally valid.

What Do Countries Gain From Citizenship-by-Investment Programmes?

Countries offer Citizenship-by-Investment programmes in an attempt to secure an inflow of direct foreign investment through real estate, specific industries, or special funds. These major investments in world-class projects are not only financially beneficial but also raise the profile of a country on the world stage.

However, Citizenship-by-Invesment programmes also provide a country with a much more important and long-lasting benefit: individuals with expertise, who can enrich the local society and business community.

What Pre-Requisites Are Required for Citizenship?

As each country creates its own Citizenship-by-Investment programme with its own strategic and financial interests in mind, pre-requisites vary from one country to another.

Nevertheless, you can expect to see the following pre-requisite in most Citizenship-by-Investment programmes:

  • A clean criminal record in your country of origin and/or residence
  • The legal source of the investment funds
  • Investment via a government-approved route, usually through real estate, government bonds or a national economic fund
  • The applicant and their dependants’ supporting documents for all financial and personal criteria.

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