Overview of Malta’s Permanent Residency Programme

Malta is a member of both the European Union and the Schengen zone. Permanent Residence Permit holders can therefore move freely across all EU and Schengen zone countries.

The programme is based on a mixed capital investment with a minimum value of €175,000 which must be held for 5 years.

The permit has a validity of 5 years and is renewable, provided a suitable residential property is maintained. The application processing time is 4-6 months after submission.



Mixed capital investment with a minimum value of €175,000 which must be held for 5 years


Visa Free Travel

Visa-free movement across all EU and Schengen zone countries


Fast Procedure

4-6 months from the time the application is duly submitted with all the supporting documentation

Key Features

  • The right to live work and study without restriction in Malta, a stable European country with an agreeable climate and a friendly population
  • Strategic location with direct links to countries in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and other Asian countries
  • Spouse, children (no age limit), parents and grandparents can be included in the same application
  • No minimum physical presence in the country required in order to maintain the permit
  • Eligibility to apply for citizenship after at least 4  years of physical presence in a 6-year period

Financial Criteria

  • Proof of €500K in capital (€150K in financial assets)
  • Property purchase of €350K (€350K in South Malta or Gozo) or a lease of €12K per year (€10K in South Malta or Gozo) for at least 5 years
  • €28K contribution to Maltese economy or €58K for lease option
  • €2K donation to local NGO
  • €40K non-refundable administration fee

Personal Criteria

  • Minimum age 18  years
  • Clean criminal record

Step-by-Step Application Procedure

Submit Your Application

Submit your application alongside all necessary documents to Residency Malta Agency (RMA).

Finalise Your Qualifying Investment

Applicants who are approved after stringent due diligence checks can proceed with the qualifying investment.

Receive Your Maltese Residence Certificate

Successful applicants will receive their Maltese residence certificate.


About Malta



The Republic of Malta is a Mediterranean archipelago consisting of three islands: Malta (the largest), the small island of Gozo, and the largely uninhabited Comino. It has a total area of 316 sq.km.


Population and Language

Malta has a population of 460,000. The official languages are Maltese and English.



As a popular tourist destination, Malta received some 1.6 million tourists a year – more than three times its resident population.




The educational system in Malta is based on the British model.


Health Care

The country has a history of providing publicly funded or subsidised health care.

Malta Factsheet

Continent: Europe

Population: 502,653

Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic

Capital:  Valetta

Languages: Maltese, English

Currency: Euro

Total Area: 316 km²

Time Zone: Central European Time

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