The Best Countries to Buy Property in 2021


Last year was unpredictable for many, with the general uncertainty and confusion caused by the pandemic translating over to many markets.

Nevertheless, real estate is one of the safest investment options and one of the most significant assets one can hold. However, when it comes to overseas property, there’s a lot more that must be taken into consideration than just the property itself.

In fact, the commonly parodied real estate agent idiom ‘location, location, location’ highlights just how important a property’s area is, as it determines its overall value.

Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider the conditions in the country your desired property is based in, especially as many countries offer foreign property owners the chance to join their government-sponsored Immigration-by-Investment Programmes.

If you are a High-Net-Worth Individual interested in a first purchase overseas or looking to expand current foreign property holdings, have a look at our list of the counties in which you should focus your attention and your capital:


With one of the strongest real estate markets in the world, an immaculately mild Mediterranean climate, gorgeous colonial architecture and an intrinsic link to Europe and the European Union, the island republic of Malta is an ideal candidate for overseas property ownership.


An extremely stable political environment, 566 Blue Flag beaches, and 320 days of sunshine a year are only some of the benefits of owning property in Spain. The Spanish government has invested millions of euros for the express purpose of upgrading, updating, and modernising its infrastructure.


The birthplace of democracy and the entirety of Western civilisation offers legendary, world-renowned monuments, mouth-watering cuisine, stunning scenery, plenty of sunshine and crystal-clear beaches.


A small Mediterranean island with ample sunshine that is reminiscent of simpler times.

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Marina Bay in Athenian Riviera, Greece

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Attica, Greece