Turning Digital Nomads’ Dream into Reality


With the increasing number of individuals given the choice to work completely remotely, together with a number of self-employed individuals working from home is now becoming the new norm. Searching for the most perfectly suited environment that will ensure motivation and productivity whilst also prioritizing ones’ mental and physical health is of outmost importance to such individuals.

A new study constructed by Travel experts at Panache Cruises has revealed Greece and Cyprus to be two of the best European countries for those in search of a digital nomad lifestyle working abroad. Reasons for such a reality are based on several features of the environment and overall functionality of these two countries. Initially, taking into account how Greece placed 6th in the study mentioned above, it is vital to consider that it is a country blessed in captivating landscapes and natural beauty. Understandably so, today’s sophisticated, business savvy digital nomads consider Greece to be an excellent choice as such an environment increases their focus and output of work. Adding to this, Greece’s high scores for Wi-Fi download speed is ideal for workers relying solely on the internet to make a living. In support to such views Migration Expert, Yiannos Trisokkas further advises those who desire to move to Greece by stating the following: ‘’For individuals working remotely, living in Greece would be a dream come true. Acquiring a DNV (valid for two years and can be extended for another year), allows entrepreneurs whose work and income are generated outside Greece to enjoy a better quality of life in Greece, bearing in mind how it is more affordable than other western countries. Also, this will allow them to travel freely across the EU and the Schengen Zone. Thus, given the existing benefits but also further plans to be implemented by the government concerning digital nomads we will certainly keeping a close eye on Greece, to be able to advise our clients accordingly, always in their best interest.’’

On a similar note, Cyprus placing 3rd in the above study for those in search of the country that is able to provide the most optimal environment for the perfect ‘work from anywhere’ destination. Working in an environment that allows individuals to optimise the physical and mental health while also fuels their motivation for work is ideal. Laying the foundation for a balanced and productive lifestyle, benefits from the sun and the opportunity to enjoy swimming and walks along the most stunning beaches, energizes and boosts individuals’ productivity while high scores for Wi-Fi download speed allow for uninterrupted and smooth working conditions. Consequently, making even easier for digital nomads to make the most tactful and beneficial decision.

Such potential property buyers should carefully consider future projects that will prioritize facilitating and embodying this lifestyle. In Cyprus, such projects include the Bluebell Apartments, located in Limassol, one of the most stunning cities in Cyprus were comfort and convenience are flawlessly blended together. When it comes to purchasing property in Greece, the Marina Bay project , upon completion, will exceed all expectations when it comes to its key location, sustainability of construction and luxury. Such rare opportunities are ones you do not want to miss out on!

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