Strategic Insights for Investing in Greek Real Estate


Constantly being bombarded with so much information, property buyers often may become overwhelmed when it comes to making the best decision in purchasing property. Therefore, it is crucial to identify three areas of high importance that will ensure the most safe and tactful investment when it comes to choosing your forever home or purchasing property with the intention for resale.

Why Invest in Greek Real Estate?

Purchasing property in Greece opens the door to countless unbeatable opportunities. This includes the unique experience of living right next to the beach, enjoying the aphrodisiac waters while at the same time being surrounded by amenities that combine convenience with comforts of everyday life. Adding to this point, considering how recent Energy Efficient projects are constructed increases the resale value of such buildings suggesting how such a purchase ensures an increased lifespan of the building, providing a better return on investment. No risk, no loss.

Referring to reasons why invest in Greece; it is of great importance that individuals should consider the golden opportunity of entering into the Greek Golden Visa program (with a minimum investment of €250,000). Some of the key benefits of the Golden Visa program include: Visa-Free Travel with Greece Residence Permit, Visa free travelling to the Schengen zone, The Double Taxation Treaty, Family Reunification and of-course the right to live in Greece.

What Makes Greek Property a Prime Investment?

Identifying the right property to purchase is challenging. Greece has an extraordinary selection of both city-centre and beach front properties. Variety is abundant; from purchasing a property that is right in the heart of the most historic places on earth, to waking up to the most beautiful dazzling beach right outside your window. On top of this, considering the benefits offered through an Energy Efficient building endorses further the desire to invest in Greece. Energy Efficient projects have proven to be a cost saving investment, offering ideal living conditions and overall increase the property’s resale value. Deciding what to purchase is no longer a limiting factor to an individual’s investment. However, potential property buyers must be aware of the excessively high demand for such properties, prompting them to take advantage of such a unique opportunity that comes their way.

How to Secure Your Greek Real Estate Investment

Migration and Investment expert Yiannos Trisokkas, provides assurance and confidence in proceeding to take on such a resourceful investment, stating the following: “Establishing a successful strategy plan is of outmost importance. This is why at Velment, our team of carefully selected professionals that possess the necessary know-how required to assist potential buyers and buyers in your property development ambitions, every step of the way. Best possible assistance is offered, prioritizing our clients’ benefits and well-being. Guidance is provided in various ways, including guidance in Land Purchase, Off-Plan Property Purchase, Resale Property Purchase, Property Management and in Land Selection. Building personal trust as the foundation of our dealings with each and every client.”


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