Beachfront properties in Greece: Much more than just a property in Greece!


Beachfront properties have always ranked as prime properties. The finite nature of the coastline of mainland Greece in combination with consistent demand is the simple explanation for the premium that you can expect to pay for a home overlooking sea. But is it really worth it? Indeed it is, in more ways than one – and, with the right guidance, you might come across a golden opportunity.

But first, lets have a look at the facts:

Physical and mental health

Especially in recent years, people have become much more aware of the importance of not only physical but also mental health.

Living by the sea in Greece provides an open invitation to swim for several months of the year, and even in the cooler season, it is mild enough to enjoy long walks along the coast. The sun, the fresh air, and the sea water are equally beneficial for body and mind, as they have a relaxing effect on the one hand and promote better sleep on the other. Overall, spending time outdoors has an undisputed positive impact on your mood, mindset and physical wellbeing, both instantly and over time. Just seeing the sea from your window when you wake up in the morning will make any day better…

Getting down to business

Given that working from home, in full or in part, is the new normal, people who work remotely can continue to enjoy the health benefits of seaside living all day, every day. Choose an easily accessible location, and even frequent travellers or commuters will not have to compromise.

For those who are interested in buying to let, it goes without saying that the value of a beachfront will be above average, and will therefore generate a higher income, especially from short-term holiday rental. If and when the time comes to sell, a well-maintained property will go quickly and with a generous return on your investment. Even if the market is relatively sluggish, beachfront properties tend to suffer the least, if at all.

A life of leisure

Coastal properties go hand in hand with a healthy, beautiful, and privileged lifestyle. Having access to outdoor activities at the end of a working day, or mini sailing breaks on a long weekend, or longer cruises with no additional travel required, is a dream come true.

However, finding the right beachfront property in the right environment – with all amenities within easy reach – and at the right price can be a challenge. Consult experienced property professionals and you will be taking a first step towards owning a beachfront property that will add a new, healthy and happy dimension to your life.


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