Quality Everlasting


Energy saving projects in Greece are engaging knowledge and experience in construction yielding tangible results in regards to Energy Efficient housing. High energy savings in the Greek building sector have drastically influenced the property value of buildings making them an asset for long-term capital investments. Consequently, purchasing an approved energy saving property has become a more profitable and secure investment. Advancing innovation, growth of domestic value and competitiveness resulted in a pivotal stage of Energy Efficient projects contributing to an unsurpassed quality in all aspects of work. Property buyers’ needs and wants are prioritized as Energy Efficient projects’ benefits exceed buyers’ expectations when it comes to areas such as the ones mentioned below.

A cost saving investment

Property tax (ENFIA) is reduced, resulting to a further reduction in costs as a result of a new law that suggests the higher the Energy Efficiency Rate, the lower the tax paid by property buyers. In addition to this, costs can also be reduced due to the Inflation Act of 2022 which suggests how installation of solar electric systems, solar water heaters, geothermal heat pumps and small wind turbines includes a tax credit of 30% for costs incurred from 2022 to 2032. When it comes to the installation of photovoltaic panels connected to the common areas of each project implying that common expenses for each unit drop dramatically low.

Ideal living conditions  

Unique features of such buildings prioritize keeping an ideal temperature of each unit. Automation with the fan coil systems, tactful insulation and a thermal façade result to temperature being maintained for a longer period of time together with the uniformity of temperature established within the unit. Furthermore, basic smart home features can be included in each unit assisting individuals in daily tasks transforming living conditions into the most fitting ones for a comfortable living.

High resale value

Migration expert Yiannos Trisokkas has made crucial observations regarding the resale value of Energy Efficient buildings being very high, arguing that this is due to quality of building materials and systems used, buildings’ durability, better design and construction practices. Such optimal features enhance the quality of the properties while offering higher levels of comfort that make up huge selling points, ideal for resale.  In addition to this, a green building can save on heating and utility bills and may have a higher appraised value, making resale easier, with an increased lifespan providing a better return on investment.


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