A continuous positive trend to Greece’s Real Estate market


In contrast to the new international challenges, the Real Estate market in Greece has shown remarkable resilience. This is evident through the continuous positive trend in the Real Estate market, complemented by optimistic prospects in the construction sector, which is intrinsically linked to real estate. Consequently, this stability and growth have encouraged many potential property buyers to consider investments in Greece.

Greece’s Real Estate Market: A Portrait of Stability and Growth

Despite global uncertainties, Greece’s Real Estate market has demonstrated an unaffected stance, maintaining a positive trend. The synergy between the real estate and construction sectors has been a pivotal factor in fostering this environment of growth, encouraging investment from within and outside the country.

The Bank of Greece Reports: A Positive Outlook for Property Investments

The Greek market is diverse in its offerings, a characteristic highlighted in the latest report by the Bank of Greece. Attractive property prices, combined with stability and the allure of high-end properties, have been significant driving forces. The report confirms a 36.1% increase in housing investments in 2022, with business expectations for housing construction also seeing a rise of 4.0% annually. Similarly, the business expectations index for private construction projects surged by 16.6 points in March compared to the previous month, reaching its highest level since 2000.

Driving Forces Behind the Real Estate Surge in Greece

Continuous improvements in infrastructure and the upgrading of existing building stocks are key to maintaining the market’s attractiveness and its current dynamism. Implementations from the National Recovery and Resiliency Plan are expected to further enhance this appeal, according to estimates by the Bank of Greece. The strong real estate markets of Europe are already witnessing significant advancements in transactions, prices, and earnings, indicating a positive trajectory for Greece’s market as well.

Infrastructure and Building Stock: Pillars of Market Attractiveness

The strategic enhancements in infrastructure and building quality underscore the market’s potential. These developments not only improve the living standards but also elevate the overall value of the real estate market, making investments even more appealing.

Expert Insights on Greece’s Thriving Property Market

Yiannos Trisokkas, Founder, CEO & Partner at Velment, commented on the resilience of Greece’s Real Estate market amidst 2022’s global turmoil, noting significant growth and continued investor interest. “It is encouraging to see Greece’s Real Estate market thriving with positive expectations and undiminished investment interest, particularly in residential and commercial real estate in highly commercialized areas. Our positive outlook on Greece’s Real Estate market is based on its strong, diversified characteristics that have proven to withstand external pressures, making it a safe, smart, and strategic investment choice.”

The Future of Real Estate in Greece: Safe and Strategic Investments

Greece’s Real Estate market is set on a promising path, characterized by resilience, strategic growth, and a diversified range of investment opportunities. The market’s ability to withstand external pressures while offering attractive investment options highlights its potential as a safe and smart choice for potential property buyers looking for stability and growth in their investments.

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