Greek Properties for Sale

Acquiring Real Estate in Greece that Offers

  • Access to the Greek Golden Visa and its benefits.
  • Guaranteed 4% rental income per year for 5 years.
  • Part of the rental income, prepaid at signing.
  • No management fees for 5 years with the rental guarantee.
  • Furniture package with no extra charge.

Rental Prepayment Deduction

For the rental guaranteed scheme, Velment offers a special limited availability program. Choose a property to receive a prepaid portion of the guaranteed rental income as a deduction on the final purchase price.

Discover prime real estate in Greece with exclusive benefits, including access to the Greek Golden Visa. Invest in Greece today for a prosperous future.

A Golden Opportunity

This dual benefit of residency and guaranteed rental income, available for specific properties listed below, makes investing in Greece an attractive proposition for savvy investors. It offers a chance to maximize returns while enjoying the advantages of living in a beautiful, culturally rich country. This is a golden opportunity to invest in Greece’s flourishing real estate market and secure a prosperous future.

Greece Unveiled
Culture, Nature, and Legacy

Explore the essence of Greece, from its historic roots to its lively culture and breathtaking nature. Discover the life and opportunities awaiting you.

Greek Permanent Residency Benefits Overview

  • Permanent residency card with no expiry, ensuring long-term security.
  • Visa-free travel across the EU and Schengen Zone.
  • Ability to generate income by renting out your investment property.
  • The program includes the applicant’s spouse, children under 21, and both parents.
  • Eligibility for Greek citizenship after seven years, opening doors to the EU.
  • Right to live, work, and study in Greece, offering stability and a welcoming community.

Criteria for Greek Permanent Residency by Investment

To qualify for permanent residency through real estate investment in Greece, investors must:

Invest at least €250,000
in Greek real estate, plus taxes.

Be over the age of 18.

Have a clear criminal record.

Secure health insurance from a company based in Greece.

Application Procedure

Plan Your Visit or Appoint a Representative

Travel to Greece to begin the Golden Visa process. Alternatively, choose an authorized representative to act on your behalf.

Choose Your Investment

Find the property you plan to invest in.

Submit Your Application

Properly file your application with all required documents and complete your biometric registration.

Fast Procedure

Submit your application and documents to obtain Greek Permanent Residency within 1-2 months.

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