Boost Your Rental Income with Velment and Luxel Villas



Velment is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Luxel Villas, a leader in luxury property management. This collaboration aims to enhance rental income for property investors and landlords. Individuals investing in Cyprus and Greece can rely on this partnership to support their needs throughout the entire process. This strategic alliance promises to deliver exceptional property management services and maximize returns for clients, ensuring a seamless and beneficial experience for all involved.


Velment and Luxel Villas- A Powerful Collaboration

Our partnership with Luxel Villas aims to provide top-tier property management services. Luxel Villas, known for its expertise in managing high-end rental properties, combines its wealth of experience and a professional team to maximize clients’ benefits and rental returns. Individuals looking to invest in the lucrative rental markets of Cyprus and Greece can put their full trust and confidence in this strategic collaboration.


Luxel Villas Provides Expert Management

Luxel Villas is one of the most reliable and consistent luxury property management companies, excelling in managing high-end rental properties. Handling every possible need of the property owner, from marketing to maintenance, the team at Luxel Villas personally ensures properties remain in top condition. Their 24/7 support guarantees tenant satisfaction and high returns for property owners.

Property ownership is made hassle-free!

Built to Let – A New Approach

Velment offers a comprehensive “Built to Let” service. Why choose us?

  • We provide expert consultation from the very start by helping you select the ideal plot or piece of land.
  • We assist with all legal requirements for the purchase.
  • We offer support throughout the entire process of selecting a suitable developing constructor for construction.
  • Once the properties are built, we help place them on the rental market and manage the rental process.

Following the above guidance given by Velment, the ‘Built to Let’ process becomes 30% more cost-effective, delivering higher returns on investment. With its knowledge and expertise, Velment oversees every step, ensuring maximum benefits for clients and a seamless process.

Built to Let- Why and How?


‘Built to Let’ is all about creating properties that attract high-value tenants. It is an exceptional opportunity for investors to maximize their wealth.

The partnership between Velment and Luxel Villas has changed the way property buyers are now investing. By combining Velment’s innovative ‘Built to Let’ approach with Luxel Villas’ brilliant property management, we are poised to offer our clients an unmatched opportunity to maximize their rental income. Invest with us in Cyprus and Greece and experience the benefits of this powerful collaboration.


With Luxel Villas managing rentals, property owners can be confident that their investments will be maintained in top condition, ensuring tenant satisfaction and continuous high returns. Additionally, Luxel Villas strives to cover all needs, from detailed property management to 24/7 tenant support, making it a hassle-free investment for property owners.

Trusting in this collaboration means trusting in excellence.

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