Greece is beautiful… but don’t take our word for it!


Rather, you might like to consult the World of Statistics. In their Twitter post of 5 October 2022, which listed the world’s 10 most beautiful countries based on the vote of their followers, Greece came second only to New Zealand, and ahead of fellow European destinations Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Norway.

While rankings might influence us, the fact is they come and go, and different surveys deliver different results. Valuable as this post might be for travel agents promoting tourism to Greece, most of us are more likely to ask our friends or family members what their impressions were after a trip to Greece. And the results tend to be consistent:


  1. Sightseeing is unbeatable. Whether you prefer the secluded or spectacular Greek islands, or the historical wealth that defines Athens, or the natural wonders of Meteora, or the lifestyle of Thessaloniki, Greece offers not just something but plenty for everyone.
  2. Visit any time of the year. Unless you are committed to a holiday spent entirely on the beach, mainland Greece is a magnet for anyone seeking experiences that will enrich their life. From archaeological sites to cultural events, from hiking trails to spa destinations, quick online searches will put you on the right track with the recommended season for a holiday according to your taste.
  3. Gastronomy is always a treat. There’s little we can say about Greek cuisine that you haven’t already heard, many times. The fact that Greek taverns are now standard – and popular – around the world is undisputed evidence that you’ll enjoy every meal, and more often than not, it will be excellent value for money.
  4. All types of accommodation. Of course, choosing the right accommodation makes all the difference. So, shop around! You’ll find no lack of options, whether you prefer an exclusive 5-star resort or an all-inclusive family beach hotel, or a boutique city hotel, or your private self-catering villa or cosy apartment.

And once you’ve decided to start planning a trip to Greece, you’ll find that getting there is quite straightforward to – barring the more secluded islands, which will, however, be paradise on earth for those who appreciate tranquillity and privacy in an unspoiled natural setting.

So yes, New Zealand beat Greece to the top of the World of Statistics’ list of the most beautiful countries in the world; but unless you are living in that part of the world, Greece is a more than tempting second best!