Premium Energy Efficient Residential Building in Glyka Nera

Attica, Greece
Year of Construction: Q3 2026
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Welcome to a premier residential development located in a serene area in the northeastern part of the Athens Metropolitan Area. This project exemplifies the perfect blend of luxury, sophistication, and wellbeing. Strategically positioned at the intersection of Salonon and Flessa streets in Glyka Nera, the development offers a unique living experience through its modern design and exceptional amenities.

The development comprises 12 meticulously designed apartments spread across two floors, each crafted with a keen eye for detail. Prioritizing functionality and comfort, the apartments allow residents to enjoy a contemporary living experience. The intelligent use of every square meter maximizes natural light, creating an inviting and efficient space. The contemporary design, spacious layouts, and refined architectural touches, complemented by the lush surrounding greenery, make this development a unique sanctuary in a tranquil environment.

As part of the commitment to sustainability, this project adheres to the highest environmental standards. It boasts an A+ energy class rating, featuring a thermal facade and energy-efficient glazing to minimize its ecological footprint.

Glyka Nera is a family-friendly suburb in the northeastern part of Athens, neighbouring Gerakas and Agia Paraskevi. Known for its peaceful and verdant surroundings, Glyka Nera offers a comfortable living environment with a wide range of amenities. Located just 15 km from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport and 13 km from the centre of Athens, it is ideally situated for both convenience and tranquillity.

The suburb provides access to numerous international, private, and public schools, shopping malls, and sports facilities, making it an ideal location for families. Additionally, the ongoing development of Cambas Park, with a budget of 200 million Euros covering an area of 315 acres, will significantly enhance the area. This landmark project will feature office spaces, markets, entertainment venues, and cultural facilities in an attractive outdoor environment, further elevating the appeal of Glyka Nera.

This development is not just a place to live but a community designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents, offering a harmonious blend of modern living and natural beauty.


Eligible for Greece Golden Visa – Area with minimum investment €250,000

Property Photos

Property ID Property Type Floor Bedroom Bathrooms Uncovered m2 Covered m2 Price  
#p-GR-ATH-GRV4-GF2 Apartment 0 2 1 83 63 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#p-GR-ATH-GRV4-GF3 Duplex 0 1 2 47 62.50 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#p-GR-ATH-GRV4-A1 Apartment 1 2 1 21 64 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#p-GR-ATH-GRV4-A2 Apartment 1 2 1 21 64 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#p-GR-ATH-GRV4-A3 Duplex 1 2 2 16.50 89.50 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#p-GR-ATH-GRV4-A4 Duplex 1 2 2 14.50 72.50 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#p-GR-ATH-GRV4-A5 Duplex 1 2 2 21 87.50 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#p-GR-ATH-GRV4-B1 Apartment 2 2 1 20 64 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#p-GR-ATH-GRV4-B2 Apartment 2 2 1 20 64 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE

Property Features

Double Glazing
Solar Panels

Close by Destinations

18.2 KM
200 M
19.4 KM
Medical Care
12 KM
200 M
Bus Stop
100 M
2 KM

Property eligibile for:

Greek Golden Visa

Greece’s Permanent Residence Programme requires a minimum investment of €250,000 in the country’s real estate sector.

Upcoming Changes:

The Greek Golden Visa Program will undergo significant changes, increasing the minimum investment from €250,000 to €800,000. Investors have the opportunity to apply at the current rate by placing a 10% deposit by August 31, 2024. This provides a clear window for action under the existing, more favourable investment conditions.

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