Contemporary Residences with Energy Efficiency A+ in Piraeus

Attica, Greece
Year of Construction: December 2025
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Discover an architectural marvel in Piraeus, where modern elegance meets sustainable living in a collection of striking maisonettes and apartments. This avant-garde complex seamlessly blends sleek minimal aesthetics with top-tier energy efficiency, boasting an A+ rating that not only enhances the elegance but also ensures a cost-effective, sustainable lifestyle.

Privacy takes centre stage in the design of each residence, with meticulous attention to detail. The living spaces on the 5th floor and above enjoy panoramic views, seamlessly integrating the indoor and outdoor realms. The southern orientation bathes the building in sunlight throughout the day, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere within.

Positioned strategically in a privileged location, the complex offers direct access to the bustling port of Piraeus and is close to major thoroughfares such as Piraeus and Petrou Ralli. Residents also relish the convenience of being within walking distance to Lofos Selepitsari and Alsos Vokou, providing serene havens for recreation and escape from the demands of everyday life.

Choosing your new home from this project is an invitation to customize your living space. Design kitchens and bathrooms according to your taste and select materials based on your unique needs and preferences. The team of specially trained decorators stands ready to provide constant support, ensuring your vision is brought to life.

The orientation of the buildings maximizes natural light, while photovoltaic systems with a net metering service promote shared electricity generation. A thermal facade envelops the entire external surface, minimizing energy losses, and high-aesthetic, energy-efficient aluminium frames further enhance the commitment to reducing environmental impact.

Step into a world where modern luxury, energy efficiency, and personalized living converge seamlessly. Your home in Piraeus awaits, embodying a harmonious balance between sophistication, sustainability, and serenity. Imagine a home where highly energy-efficient sustainable aluminium systems grace each space, where armored/fire-resistant doors provide security with style, and large openings frame breathtaking views. Enjoy the comfort of autonomous cooling-heating pumps, the sustainability of solar water heaters, and the brilliance of new technology LED lighting. All this, crowned with an A+ energy rating, culminates in a contemporary kitchen and bathroom design that elevates your living experience to new heights. Welcome to the epitome of modern living in Piraeus, where every detail is meticulously crafted to exceed your expectations.

Eligible for Greece Golden Visa – Area with minimum investment €250,000

Property Photos

Property ID Property Type Floor Bedroom Bathrooms Uncovered m2 Covered m2 Price  
#P-GR-PTPA-A1 Duplex 1 1 2 21.75 58.53 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#P-GR-PTPA-A2 Duplex 1 1 2 19.58 61.91 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#P-GR-PTPA-B1 Duplex 1 2 2 13.18 71.06 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#P-GR-PTPA-C1 Duplex 3 1 2 21.75 58.53 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#P-GR-PTPA-C2 Duplex 3 1 2 19.58 65.25 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#P-GR-PTPA-D1 Apartment 3 2 2 13.18 71.06 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#P-GR-PTPA-E1 Duplex 5 1 2 23.39 56.85 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#P-GR-PTPA-E2 Apartment 5 2 1 15.34 71.71 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#P-GR-PTPA-F1 Apartment 6 2 1 19.59 70.22 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE
#P-GR-PTPA-G1 Apartment 7 2 2 49.45 82.01 PRICE ON REQUEST ENQUIRE

Property Features

Airconditioning Units
Alarm System
Country Views
Covered Veranda
Double Glazing
Smart Home
Solar Panels
Storage Room
Uncovered Veranda

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43 KM
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Medical Care
2 KM
3 KM
1 KM
Bus Stop
500 M
2.5 KM

Property eligibile for:

Greek Golden Visa

Greece’s Permanent Residence Programme requires a minimum investment of €250,000 in the country’s real estate sector.

Upcoming Changes:

The Greek Golden Visa Program will undergo significant changes, increasing the minimum investment from €250,000 to €800,000. Investors have the opportunity to apply at the current rate by placing a 10% deposit by August 31, 2024. This provides a clear window for action under the existing, more favourable investment conditions.

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