Contemporary Minimalistic Energy Efficient Apartments in Egaleo

Attica, Greece
Year of Construction: April 2025

Nestled in the heart of the Western Suburbs, a striking residential marvel awaits your discovery – a contemporary property that exemplifies minimalistic aesthetics and timeless elegance. Welcome to a symphony of design and comfort, where every aspect of living is meticulously curated to elevate your everyday experience.

Comprising of seven thoughtfully designed apartments, this impressive property in Egaleo stands as a testament to the harmony between architecture and nature. The meticulous orientation of each residence ensures an abundance of natural light floods every corner, creating an ambiance of warmth and tranquillity. The interplay between indoor and outdoor spaces fosters a seamless connection with the environment, offering residents the sought-after well-being that enriches their daily lives.

Each apartment within this architectural masterpiece comes complete with its own storage room and parking space, conveniently located on the ground floor. The concept of refined minimalism is eloquently conveyed through the clean lines and symmetrical design that grace the exterior facade. Earthy tones seamlessly merge with contemporary aesthetics, harmonizing the building with its surroundings.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the communal planted area presents a shared oasis for relaxation and socializing. Featuring an inviting arbour and adorned with photovoltaic panels, this space serves a dual purpose – promoting both eco-conscious energy generation and fostering a sense of community among residents.

Embracing the spirit of personalization, this project empowers you to shape your dream home. Select and design the kitchen and bathrooms to reflect your unique tastes and choose materials that align with your individual needs and preferences.

But this project stands for more than just architectural excellence; it champions a green philosophy that resonates with the eco-conscious individual. Harnessing the sun’s energy through thoughtfully positioned photovoltaic panels, and employing a net metering system for shared power, the project showcases its commitment to sustainable energy practices. The integration of a thermal facade enveloping the entire property, along with energy-efficient aluminium frames that boast high aesthetics, underline the dedication to minimizing energy loss and reducing the environmental impact.

In this unparalleled residence, you’re not just purchasing a home – you’re investing in a lifestyle defined by harmony, sustainability, and modern elegance. Experience the epitome of contemporary living in Egaleo, where each moment is a testament to the union of design and well-being. Welcome home to a world where your aspirations take architectural form and where the future of mindful living awaits.

This project presents an enticing opportunity with its 4% yield guarantee program, providing a secure and attractive investment option. Additionally, participants in the program enjoy the benefit of being exempt from property management fees, enhancing the overall financial advantage. It’s important to note that the furniture package is included in this offering provided the apartment remains in a rental pool. Furthermore, the capital growth is expected to be 5% per annum.

Eligible for Greece Golden Visa – Area with minimum investment €250,000

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Property Features

Airconditioning Units
Alarm System
Country Views
Double Glazing
Smart Home
Solar Panels
Storage Room

Close by Destinations

41.8 KM
1 KM
Medical Care
4.9 KM
8 KM
1 KM

Property eligibile for:

Greek Golden Visa

Greece’s Permanent Residence Programme requires a minimum investment of €250,000 in the country’s real estate sector.

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